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Futebol é Lugar de Pipoqueiro was developed for DIFERi and available on the Brazilian Google Play store and Facebook during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Futebol é Lugar de Pipoqueiro
is an advertising game to promote a new line of microwave popcorns. The player takes the role of a popcorn seller at a soccer match. The goal is to use your slingshot to deliver as many and as fast popcorns as possible.

Year: 2014

Platform: Android, iOS and Web-browsers

Development Time: 2 Months

Team Size: 3 Developers

Weekly Men Hours: 45

Engine: Unity 4

Sorte na Mesa  is a mini game created for the LOOP marketing agency.

The mini game is used during events at the ABC Alimentos booth to randomly distribute prizes.

Year: 2014

Platform: iOS

Development Time: 1 week

Team Size: 2 Developers

Weekly Man Hours: 80

Engine: Unity 4