Zoic: Saving Planets is a fun journey where Zoic book series’ characters explore different planets to clean their rivers and oceans. The trashed collected is recycled and transformed into new equipment and accessories to upgrade their ships.

Choose your pilot, customize your ship and help saving planets on Zoic: Saving Planets.

Year: 2017

Platform: Android and iOS

Development Time: 4 months

Team Size: GILP and Zoic team

Engine: Unity 5.6

Upside Down is a new take on the endless runner genre, you will need to coordinate your brain to switch in and out of worlds to avoid obstacles along the way, acquiring souls to become even stronger.

Live inside the thin line between worlds, bring your soul to Upside Down.

Year: 2016

Platform: Android

Development Time: 2 months

Team Size: 4 developers (GILP + Chederrecords)

Engine: Unity 5.3

Mini Ini Mo is a puzzle/platform game where players are responsible to guide the three game characters throughout its levels using their unique or combined skills.

Mini is the smallest and smartest one, with his hands he uses switches and operates all types of machinery. Ini is the fastest and uses his legs to jump through obstacles or to run around when impatient. Mo is the biggest and laziest one, with his huge mouth he can devour boxes (probably just an excuse for his voracious appetite).

The game was developed for iOS and Android and released on October 2013. .

Year: 2013

Platform: Android and iOS

Development Time: 8 Months

Team Size: 6 Developers (GILP + Farandola + Chederrecords)

Engine: Unity 3.6


At Minha Boutique your job is to run a small department store. From training and hiring employees to managing and adjusting the price of your stock, every decision you make contributes to the business success.

Minha Boutique was our submission to the 1º Brazilian Entrepreneurs Game Development Contest, held by SEBRAE. The game was awarded as 5th place along more than one hundred competitors.

The game was developed for Web-Browsers and was available for SEBRAE students on their online platform during that year.

Year: 2013

Platform: Web-browser and PC

Development Time: 1 Month

Team Size: 3 Developers

Engine: Unity 3.6

Acertando na Escolha is a Tower Defense inspired game built on top of Lean Startup concepts. Projectiles are merchandises, health bars are money bars and minions are customers. The goal is to sell enough merchandises in order to deplete customers’ money before they finish the path. Unlike traditional tower defense where players are told which kind of tower is effective against certain kind of minions, here the player needs to find out this information using customer research and later adapt their products to this reality.

Acertando na Escolha was our submission to the 2nd Brazilian Entrepreneurs Game Development Contest held by SEBRAE.

Year: 2014

Platform: Web-browser and PC

Development Time: 1 Month

Team Size: 3 Developers

Engine: Unity 4


Mara Marmitex is a match three puzzle game where you need to combine the correct ingredients to promptly serve your clients. The intention is to train the brain to perform simultaneous tasks such as tracking the client orders and combining ingredients.  

Mara Marmitex  was our submission to the 4th Brazilian Entrepreneurs Game Development Contest held by SEBRAE.

Year: 2015

Platform: Web-browser and PC

Development Time: 3 Weeks

Team Size: 2 Developers

Engine: Unity 5